James D. Whitt

james@whitt.name http://james.whitt.name

1874C Lakenoll Dr. Cincinnati, OH 45231 (513) 885-3562


Career Objective

A software engineer / programmer in a team oriented environment using problem-solving skills and a software development model to develop applications and services. A long term goal of becoming a project leader and obtaining an MBA.



Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

University of Cincinnati College of Engineering, Cincinnati, OH

June 2005


Work Experience

Web Developer / Assistant Unix Systems Administrator (co-op) 8/2003 5/2005

Domain-It, Inc., Cincinnati, OH

  • Built and installed two production level FreeBSD (UNIX) servers that provided mail and web services that serviced over 15,000 domains
  • Maintained five FreeBSD (UNIX) production servers
  • Developed network clients to communicate with remote registry servers using EPP and RRP protocols
  • Developed and implemented a shopping cart that used libraries from existing projects which allowed services to be added to different systems without user intervention
  • Programmed database driven websites that provided commerce solutions and informational services that each received over 500,000 visits/month.
  • Overhauled MySQL database structures and statements to increase efficiency and reduce load on the MySQL server
  • Designed a new email system and overhauled the old mail system with a 30% server load decrease while still implementing new spam and virus checking features


Application Debugger 6/2002 9/2002

UC Center for Distributed and Mobile Computing, Cincinnati, OH

  • Tested new Bluetooth protocols on the network simulator (ns-2) with the bluehoc modification installed
  • Researched and debugged new Bluetooth technology alongside graduate students


Food Service Head Supervisor 8/1994 6/2001

  • Trained new food service associates on policies and procedures
  • Interviewed applicants and employed new associates for the food service department
  • Supervised daily operations of multiple park restaurants
  • Controlled labor costs, food costs, and portion quantities to meet fiscal budgets


Technical Skills

Operating Systems: Windows 2000/XP, FreeBSD (Unix), Gentoo Linux, Redhat Linux, Debian Linux

Applications: Apache, Bind, ClamAV, Courier-IMAP, Cups, CVS, Djbdns, Eclipse IDE, GCC, Microsoft Visual Studios, MySQL, NetBeans IDE, PF firewall, Qmail, Samba, Spam Assassin, Tomcat, Vpopmail

Programming Languages: Perl, PHP, C++, Java, Some Bourne Shell, Assembler, XML



Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity

  • Web developer and systems administrator for the local chapter

Laboratory of Recreational Computing / FreeOS Group

  • Contributed to a quarterly meeting where members of the group installed Linux on student computers
  • Present technology and technical ideas to the group during a weekly presentation



Paul Goldstone, President & CEO, Domain-it!, Inc.


Downloadable Resumes

Microsoft Office: JamesWhittResume.doc

Adobe Acrobat: JamesWhittResume.pdf

OpenOffice: JamesWhittResume.sxw